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Our treatment options

Return to winning form with the right treatment.
Proudly providing care to Los Angeles and Orange County.
What We Treat

We help with pain and aching across your neck, arm, back, and legs, using treatments that restore comfort to how you go about each day.

How We Treat It

Using effective diagnostic testing and treatments that carry world-class athletes through injury and again into prime health and performance, we help you restore your comfort in line with your lifestyle and goals.

An electromygram (EMG) and nerve conduction study (NCS) is an electrical test of the nerves and muscles, to test where one's nerve-based symptoms are stemming from. These symptoms may be expressed in the form of pain, numbness, tingling, and/or weakness.

A NCS assesses your nerve's response to electrical stimulation, displaying any potential nerve compromise or compression, such as that seen in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. An EMG uses a small, acupuncture-like need to test muscle function. It can help in identifying any possible "pinched nerve" stemming from the spine, as well as possible neuromuscular disease.

Image-Guided Injections:

With a commitment to patient safety and procedure accuracy, Dr. Danan uses ultrasound or fluoroscopic guided approaches towards his interventional procedures.

  • Nerve Blocks
    • Diagnostic/potentially therapeutic nerve blocks

  • Cryoablation
    • With the convenience of Iovera, we use ultrasound guided targeted cryoanalgesia for immediate, long-standing neuropathic pain relief

  • Spinal Procedures
    • Epidural Steroid Injection, Selective Nerve Root Block, Medial Branch Block, Intraarticular Facet Injection, Radiofrequency Ablation or Rhizotomy, Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block, Stellate Ganglion Block

  • Joint and Musculoskeletal Injections
    • Therapeutics injected may include local anesthetic, corticosteroid, platelet rice plasma (PRP), or hyaluronate depending on the source, location, cause of your pain
    • Targeted locations often include joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments

  • Botox Injections for Chronic Migraines and Muscle Dystonia

Manage pain. Restore function. Play again.